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How to uninstall any tool in Termux? I Delete Termux Tools In one click

Tech Hacker Ak
Published on 16 Dec 2021 / In Ethical Hacking

How to Delete Tools In Termux?
Hello 👋 Friends,
I am Ankush and today I will show you how you can Delete your Directory or Termux Tools.

There is some commands used to delete files folder 📂 or Directory
• rm file-name
rm stands for remove and file-name stands for file that you want to delete. rm commands used only for Delete files.

• rm -r dir-name or rmdir dir-name
rmdir means remove Directory
rm stands for remove , -r stands for Directory and dir-name stands 🧍‍♀️ for Directory that you want to delete.
Both these commands used only for remove or delete empty folders 📂 or Directory.

• rm -rf dir-name
rm stands for remove, -r stands for Directory, f stands that we wants to delete dir-name forcefully and dir-name stands for Directory that you wants to delete.

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