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How to install cloudflare in termux |Best ngrok alternative

Published on 18 Jul 2023 / In Ethical Hacking

⁣👋 guy's welcome to my video description so in this video I'm going to show how to install cloudflare in your termux without any error.

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Cloudflare is a software from Cloudflare that allows to create a tunnel to access your local server with a randomly generated public URL.

I can also say that cloudflare is a alternative of ngrok but better than ngrok Because many of problem in ngrok like link not generate, link not working, paid service, many of problem but cloudflare is a totally free and no link problem. That's why I recommend cloudflare.

👨‍💻---------- 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐒 ----------👨‍💻

👉 Step 1: pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
👉 Step 2: source (curl -fsSL "https://git.io/JMn0r") --install
👉 Step 3: apt install cloudflare -y
👉 Step 4: cloudflare --help
👉 Step 5: cloudflare http (port number) 8080

Guy's 1 word missing in command please watch video to see missing word.

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this video only for education purpose me and my channel not responsible for your any illegally activity I hope you follow our guidelines and rule thankyou.....

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