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FakeRoot in Termux | How to root your termux without rooting mobile phone ?

Tech Hacker Ak
Published on 15 Dec 2021 / In Ethical Hacking

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What is root?
Root means getting all permissions of your Android Operating system. Because of root you have to permissions to change any application,change any setting in your system and much more.
But still it have some disadvantages because Rooted devices can easily hack.
I will not recommend you to root your android device.

Can we get root access in termux without rooting our android device?
Yes, we can use many tools in termux to get fake root. Today I will show you how to get root access in termux without rooting android.

What is Fake Root ?
Fake Root is a tool that helps us to get root access in termux without rooting mobile. Fakeroot is completely written in python programming.

How to install Fake Root in Termux?
Download termux latest version from https://f-droid.org/packages/com.termux/
After completing downloading you have to install it.
Follow these commands given below : -
$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
$ pkg install git
$ pkg install python2
$ git clone https://github.com/MaulanaRyM/FakeRoot
$ ls
You will see a directory/folder named FakeRoot.
Now you have to open it.
$ cd FakeRoot
$ ls
Now you will see a file named root.py
$ python2 root.py
A new interface will came on screen like this

Now you have to select 1 to get Fake Root
In your termux terminal.

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